Our Story

Our Web Design Business in Winnipeg

SWD started as Spelunking Web Design in 1999. An early client told us his experience with the Internet was similar to wandering around a dark cave. We set out to be cave explorers, shed some light in the dark, and become the web design business in Winnipeg we are today.

Our solutions then expanded to include hosting. Followed by vps, domain registration together with other Internet services. Then beyond to the development of print, marketing strategy, and remote computer support.

As a result we created our belief that ‘one call, gets all’.

Our Business Mission

“To help clients improve, enhance and/or streamline business operations through the use of graphic design, web and related technologies by providing quality solutions and services at competitive pricing”.

Our Community

You need a village to build a business. Business and community build villages. Our commitment to supporting community has been from the start. In particular, we support grass roots not-for-profit or charities as volunteers. Additionally we may commit service or financial contributions to help build our village.