Remote Computer Support

Computer problems? No IT department?

You may not have to bring your computer or laptop in for a technical problem. Remote computer support may be the right service solution.

Remote computer support is the method of providing technical support via the Internet. Special software will allow a technician to interface with your computer and help solve some of the more common service issues. Technicians will phone to gather information and walk you through the process.

From speed performance to removing spyware, we can address most of the problems you may encounter on your computer. Additionally, we can assist in preventative maintenance or help with software installation or upgrades.

Are you experiencing problems with your business or home Windows (Win 7/8/10) computer, and aren’t sure what to do? Fill out our online form and get started from the comfort of your office or home.

Please note: Your Internet must be working for this service.

Services offered

  • tune-up/performance/speed improvements
  • anti-virus software install/config
  • spyware/malware removal
  • software installation
  • software upgrades/patches
  • QNAP support
  • troubleshoot specified issues, and more


$35 minimum charge for the first 30 minutes. $1 per minute after 30 minutes.

Get Started with Remote Computer Support

  • Our hours are Monday - Friday | 9am - 5pm CST