Managed Off-Site Backups

Your data is important to your business. Losing it can have catastrophic results. Keeping a regular backup of computers and storage systems helps to prevent data loss. While companies may backup files locally to another computer or in-house storage system, to truly protect what is important, you need to an off site backup.

Off-site backups are a copy of your key files, folders, storage devices, servers that are kept at alternate physical location, often a cloud service from your office or business. One of the key reasons to keep an offsite backup is for disaster recovery. Off-site backups can provide the essential protection from downtime that could occur following a natural disaster such as a fire or flood, or a man made one that creates file corruption or loss.

Consider a managed backup solution

SWD will perform the following tasks

  • install and configure backup software.
  • update backup software when required
  • monitor scheduled backup tasks
  • provide backup software troubleshooting services when required

Managed Off-Site Backup is supported on Windows Desktop (7/8 and 10) and Windows Server (2008R2/2012/2016 and 2019).

Backup Types

  • Full Image (backup entire partition such as C drive)
  • System State
  • Files backup (full backup of all data files. Forever incremental with versioning and file retention for deleted local files)
  • MS SQL server (full and differential backup, supported versions 2008+ and SQL Express)

All backups will be compressed and have AES 256bit encryption. All data stored in Canadian Data Centres.

Backups can also be stored locally at same time with off-site backup.

SWD will work with you to determine best backup types and schedules.


Individual files and folders can be quickly restored from file level or image backups.

You will be able to restore files on your own via the backup software or you can have SWD do a restore for you.

In case of disaster recovery, backup software can be installed on a different computer to restore files from.


$35/month for first 100GB. $8/month per additional 100GB. Price is per computer.