WordPress Websites

As a business owner you need to address the changing infrastructure of the web. This means understanding a solution has to cover being mobile friendly, optimized for search engines, user friendly, and integrate social media. Over 74 million websites use WordPress as their content management platform. Whether you require a robust interactive site or a simple blog, WordPress is capable of handling your web development. SWD has the expertise to build what you require.

Custom Design & Custom Themes

Branding your website is important to your marketing. SWD will custom design your WordPress site. We can incorporate all the elements important to your business brand.

Plugin Development

SWD can develop custom plugins for your WordPress website. We can add plugins readily available for the platform which suit your business needs.


SWD understands all of the elements crucial for a properly optimized WordPress website.  From hosting to configuration, we can optimize the site for excellent load times.

Website Content Updates

While WordPress is known for it’s ease of use, your time is still valuable.  As experts, SWD is quick and efficient at content changes. Paying for our time, saves yours.

SEO Service

Search engines are important to the success of your website. SWD can assist in making sure your WordPress site is optimized SEO. We can review existing sites to make recommendations and changes. We will work with you to develop text to help boost your search engine rankings.

Website Update Service

Security is increasingly an issue for websites online. Making certain you stay up to date is important. SWD offers peace of mind with our update service.


Whatever your WordPress needs, it pays to speak with the experts at SWD. This is a highly customizable platform with great scalability.  If you are considering making the switch, SWD will help you every step of the way.