Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Servers services in Winnipeg Manitoba CanadaSWD offers affordable, fast, reliable Virtual Private Server Hosting. We use Dell PowerEdge servers with dual quad-core Xeon cpu’s running VMware ESX in a cluster. All of our servers are located in a temperature-controlled secure environment, with diesel generator and UPS back-up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  • We can virtualize your existing physical Windows server!
Monthly Fee$64.95
OSWindows 2016
Windows 2012R2
Debian or Centos
vCPU (~2Ghz)1
Hard Drive (HD)50GB
Data Transfer10Mbps
IP Addresses1
Included Services
Managed Gateway Firewallyes
FTP/SFTP for data backup1GB
DNS hosting1 domain included

Common Features

  • 100% dedicated resources.
  • VPS automatic fail-over (known as High Availability) to other physical server if current physical server fails.
  • Storage is on a SAN with redundant controllers and power supplies using RAID 10 enterprise SAS drives with hot spare.

Optional Services

Additional 256MB Memory: $5/mn

Additional 10GB HD: $5/mn

Additional vCPU: $30/mn

Additional IP address: $5/mn

Monthly Full VPS backup: $3/10GB/mn (2 full backups retained)

Weekly Full VPS backup: $5/10GB/mn (2 full backups retained)

Daily Full VPS backup: $8/10GB/mn (2 full backups retained)

Additional 10GB off-server storage for FTP/SFTP data backups: $3/mn

Windows Remote Desktop Services License: $8/mn

SQL 2012 Server web edition: 2 cpu $30/mn

SQL 2012 Standard: 2 cpu $260/mn

Prices updated Sept 6, 2017