Domain Registration

SWD can register a new domain name, renew or transfer your current domain name.

 1 year2 years3 years5 years10 years
.ca$22.95$45.90 ($22.95/yr)$67.35 ($22.45/yr)$109.75 ($21.95/yr)$214.50 ($21.45/yr)
.com$19.95$39.90 ($19.95/yr)$58.35 ($19.45/yr)$94.75 ($18.95/yr)$184.50 ($18.45/yr)
.org$22.95$45.90 ($22.95/yr)$67.35 ($22.45/yr)$109.75 ($21.95/yr)$214.50 ($21.45/yr)
.net$22.95$45.90 ($22.95/yr)$67.35 ($22.45/yr)$109.75 ($21.95/yr)$214.50 ($21.45/yr)
.info$29.95$59.90 ($29.95/yr)$88.35 ($29.45/yr)$147.25 ($29.45/yr)$289.50 ($28.95/yr)
.biz$29.95$59.90 ($29.95/yr)$88.35 ($29.45/yr)$147.25 ($29.45/yr)$289.50 ($28.95/yr)
.us$19.95$39.90 ($19.95/yr)$58.35 ($19.45/yr)$94.75 ($18.95/yr)$184.50 ($18.45/yr)
.mobi$29.95$59.90 ($29.95/yr)$88.35 ($29.45/yr)$144.75 ($28.95/yr)$284.50 ($28.45/yr)
.name$23.95$47.90 ($23.95/yr)$70.35 ($23.45/yr)$114.75 ($22.95/yr)$224.50 ($22.45/yr)
.co$36.95$73.90 ($36.95/yr)$109.35 ($36.45/yr)$179.75 ($35.95/yr)$354.50 ($35.45/yr)
.me$29.95$59.90 ($29.95/yr)$88.35 ($29.45/yr)$144.75 ($28.95/yr)$284.50 ($28.45/yr)
.tv$49.95$99.90 ($49.95/yr)$148.35 ($49.45/yr)$244.75 ($48.95/yr)$484.50 ($48.45/yr)
.ws$34.95$69.90 ($34.95/yr)$103.35 ($34.45/yr)$169.75 ($33.95/yr)$334.50 ($33.45/yr)

Note: Domain registration includes domain locking. Domain Privacy is an extra fee at $5/yr where applicable and requested. Domain Redemption fee is $150.00 (for most domains)

Domain Registration Facts

  • Anyone can register a domain name.
  • You can register as many domain names as you want to.
  • You can register a domain name even if you don’t own a website.
  • A domain name can consist letters, numbers and hyphens only.
  • You can register a domain up to 10 years.
  • You can own the domain for a maximum of 10 years.

Domain Registration Tips

  • Keep domain name as short and simple as possible.
  • Try not to use hyphens in domain name.
  • It is best to register a domain name that reflects your site, service or business.

Important items

Please contact us to register/renew or transfer your domain name.