WordPress Update Service

Keeping WordPress and your plugins up-to-date is mostly for safety. New releases often have security fixes to help prevent hacking and spam. For users of WordPress, it means updating WordPress and plugins on a regular basis. It’s also something we are apt to forget, find hard to fit into busy schedules, aren’t sure how to do or where to turn when things go wrong.

Take that stress away by using SWD as your technical service provider. We use WordPress as our CMS (content management system) of choice in development, and know what we need to do to ensure your website remains up-to-date.

Our WordPress update service is an affordable alternative to down time and your time.  SWD will perform the necessary WordPress and plugin updates  help ensure your sites safety.

Included with service:

  • Initial site review
  • Full back-up before updating.
  • WordPress and plugins update*
  • Full restore of back up if site breaks after updating, reporting of issue, and creation of plan for fix**.

Price: $35

*Paid for plugins which need to be downloaded from plugin vendor will require log-in information.

* Staging site can be setup, if required, at additional cost.

** Additional charges will apply.