Setup email account with Windows Mail

Windows Mail uses a wizard to setup a new Email account. Please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Click on Accounts
  3. Click on Add then Select ‘Email Account’ and click on Next
  4. Type in Your Name and click on Next
  5. Type in Your Email Address and click on Next
  6. Type for Incoming (POP) mail server
  7. Type Outgoing (SMTP) server
  8. Check Outgoing server requires authentication then click on Next
  9. Type in your User Name. This will be your email address.
  10. Type in your password and click on Next
  11. Click on Finish

Continued process for setup

  1. Click on Properties for your account.
  2. Select Advanced tab
  3. Check “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” for both Outgoing and incoming.
  4. Ensure port 465 for Outgoing (SMTP)
  5. Ensure port 995 for incoming (POP)
  6. Click on OK the Close

Your email account is now setup and ready to use.