Marching toward Spring

Posted Mar 3, 2014 by Andrea Villeneuve

I don’t know if March really roared in its start.  I can only hope that the deep freeze at the beginning of the month will give way to nicer temperatures.

Some thoughts for today.

The majority of people online do not read an entire webpage and will scan from sub-heading to sub-heading.  Take advantage of breaks in your text, bullets and colour to highlight the important and relevant information your users need.  This type of content is more memorable as well.

If your website is specialized and informative to a unique group of end users, the amount of text will be different from a website that is targeted to a general audience.  If you have a more general audience, realize that most of your text will not be read and must be leaner to be attractive.  A visitor to a site of an average 600 words will only read about 20%, keep your text concise to optimize the site visit and/or use the advantage of breaks, bullets and colour to make the site scannable.

Stay warm and keeping thinking Spring!





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